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Commercial and Fleet Charging Solutions
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How the scheme works

The WCS is open to businesses, charities and public sector organisations that meet the applicant and site eligibility criteria.

The grant covers up to 75% of the total costs of the purchase and installation of EV chargepoints (inclusive of VAT), capped at a maximum of:

  • £350 per socket (upto 40 sockets)

  • An additional £500 infrastructure grant is available subject to eligibility, please call/email for further details

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Commercial and Fleet Charging
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With the increasing adoption in Electric Vehicles for customers, the benefit in kind taxation for company car drivers & the reduction in the carbon footprint for companies it is essential to have the best commercial & fleet electric vehicle charging solution for your business.

EV Avenue Ltd are an independent EV Charge Point Operator which means that we are not tied to any EV charge point manufacturer so we can advise you on
the complete range of EV chargers on the market that would suit the needs of your business.

EV Avenue Ltd also offer the best ways to get your EV charging solution up & running sooner rather than later with our funding options.

We offer a lease option that can spread the cost over a number of years & have a smaller monthly payment rather than a large lump sum, giving you tax relief, ability to upgrade & keep your funds to use for your business needs.

To discuss your EV Charging requirements further, please contact us either by calling us on 01243 933722 or email us on

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Our Business Charging back office management system offers a complete package of hardware, software solutions and support services which can be custom designed to best suit your EV business & fleet needs.

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  • EV Charging Network Management

  • Partnership Relations

  • Tariffs

  • Payments & Billing

  • CRM

  • Comprehensive charging data & statistics

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The App can search for public charging units and can claim a charge direct from the App.

You can connect your home charging unit and monitor the energy you have used to charge your vehicle.

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EV Avenue App features include:


  • Search: Find & navigate to approved public charging points.


  • Charge activity: In the history section you have the ability to monitor both your home & public charging data.


  • Start Charging: Initiate charging directly from the App.


  • Up-to-date info: Get latest charge point unit availability & view public charging tariff information.


  • Favourites: Save your most used EV charging points for easier access on return visits.

  • Account: Keep control of your EV Avenue EV settings.

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The Benefits of Financing EV Charging Solutions
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EV Avenue Ltd have partnered with Tower Leasing to offer a range of finance options that make acquiring our EV Charging solutions simple, affordable and tax efficient. 

By choosing to finance our products, you will be able to enjoy some fantastic benefits:


  • Keep cash flow within the business.

  • Get the EV Charging solution you want when you need it, not just when budgets allow.​.

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  • Enjoy 100% tax relief rentals payable.

  • Pay monthly or quarterly payments over a chosen period of time rather than handing over one large lump sum.

  • Keep up with the latest technology by upgrading the equipment at any time throughout the lease period.

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  • Structure your lease payments to suit your budgetary needs and allowances.

  • Protect your existing credit lines by using leasing as an alternative funding facility.

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For all your Electric Vehicle charging needs, EV Avenue is the top choice. Our team of dedicated professionals provide the best advice on Home charging, Commercial charging and Car Dealer charging, so you can be confident when selecting EV Avenue for your installation needs.

At EV Avenue, we are passionate about making Electric Vehicle charging easy and accessible for everyone. We offer top quality EV charger installations, from survey through to completion. Our trained professionals of our National EV charger installer network ensure the highest safety standards, with all customers shown how to use their EV charger. With the right charger, you can power up and drive your electric vehicle with ease.

EV Avenue provides comprehensive Electric Vehicle charger installation services from our team of trained professionals who are equipped to handle all home-based charger queries. We also have dedicated Account handlers available on hand for our Commercial EV charger customers who use our EV Avenue Cloud Management Service or our Car Dealer Packages.

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Example of chargers

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Example of chargers

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