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Car Dealership Packages

EV Avenue is the go-to source for electric vehicle charger installations. With our dealership packages, you can provide your customers and staff with the benefits of EV charging. Our packages include dealership staff training, an array of EV chargers to choose from, and increased revenue for your dealership. At EV Avenue, our team members come from a car dealership background, so you can be sure you’re getting the best service. With our help, you can confidently move into the world of electric vehicles.

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Trying to understand which way to turn when it comes to EV charging for car dealerships can be challenging, a lot of the time car dealerships partner with EV charger manufacturers but this has its limitations & can lead to clients feeling unsatisfied which can have an adverse effect on your car dealership  

So What`s the answer?

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EV Avenue provides Electric Vehicle charger installations and maintenance to dealerships across the country. We are more than just an installation company; we are your partner in EV charging. Our team of experienced professionals provide training for dealership staff to industry standards, have a choice of EV chargers suitable for most EV charging customer needs, and can manage and maintain the dealership’s EV charging infrastructure. We also offer solutions to help the dealership generate revenue and monitor electric usage for future expansion.

Electric Monitoring

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To find out more please contact us & a member of our team will arrange an appointment

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